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Frequently Asked Questions

We have partnered with the finest restaurants in Gillette to bring their food to their customers. Fill out your information and EASY order form on our Restaurant page or our Grocery page and we will place your order or shop for you, check your order, pack your order and deliver it to your home or business.

Is Byrd’s Food Angels free to use?
We do charge a delivery fee based on your location. The larger your order the lower your fee. With your grocery deliveries, we charge a set amount for your delivery based on where you live.

How can I pay for my order?
When you fill out your order you will have an option to choose your payment method. If you are paying with a credit card you will be sent an email after we place your order with the restaurant. You pay for your order at the time of delivery. We do not accept checks. Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

How do I order?
First set up an account on our page. Then place your order by filling out our simple on-line order forms. Just provide us with your details, including name, address, telephone number, your method of payment, which restaurant or grocery store, your order selections, any special information we may need (i.e. food allergies) and we will do the rest! We call your order in, go to the grocery store for you, verify that it is correct and deliver it to you FAST!

How long does it take for delivery?
Delivery normally takes 30-45 minutes. Occasionally, an order may take longer due to a variety of reasons, such as large orders, unusually busy restaurants, and traffic or road conditions. To ensure the safety or our Drivers and the general public, we cannot guarantee delivery times.

How much should I tip my driver?
Our drivers go to as much effort as a food server in a restaurant, probably more! They go to extensive measures to insure your meal or grocery order is complete and correct; they check, pack, carry, drive, locate you and park with your meal as fast and as carefully as possible. They use their own vehicles, equipment and gasoline. Most customers tip at the same rate they would a server in a restaurant, from 15% to 20%.

What is the minimum order?
Byrd’s Food Angels as no minimum order amount. Our rates are designed to benefit you and your pocket book. For restaurant deliveries, the larger the order the lower the delivery fee. For grocery deliveries, there is a set fee based on your delivery location.

Can I cancel my order?
Because we are placing the orders and paying the restaurants and grocery stores ourselves, orders cannot be cancelled after they are placed. For restaurants, once you have filled out the simple >on-line order form and submitted it to us, your order cannot be cancelled. For groceries, once your order has been confirmed by our Customer Service Representative it cannot be cancelled.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We gladly accept cash and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If you are paying by credit card, please be looking for an email after we confirm your order over the phone. Upon prior approval, your company may allow lunch or dinner to be billed directly to your business account.

We do not accept checks.