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How to Order

Set up a free account
All you need to do is click on the right section of the site on the My Account link and register. The registration is 100% FREE.

Select a Restaurant or Grocery Store
Select from one of our Partnered and Affiliated Restaurants from the Restaurant page or from a GroceryStore on the groceries page.  If you select from a non-affiliated restaurant there will be an additional charge for delivery. 

Select Your Food

After finding a restaurant, click the Restaurant's Website tab (this will take you to the restaurant's website), write down the menu and beverage items you would like delivered. Be sure to include any special modifications to the order, including side items, extra items or food allergy requests to your choice. (Please read below for our policy regarding food allergy requests.)

Place Your Order Online
Just fill out the form on the Restaurant or GroceryStore pages with your personal information and order details. You will receive a confirmation text, or phone call (for grocery orders), giving you an estimated delivery time and a copy of your order to verify it’s accuracy.

Check Your Order
Please check your order carefully before the driver leaves your premises. We always want to make sure your order is exactly what you wanted, and we will work hard to rectify any mistakes.

Enjoy Your Meal (for restaurants only)
Preparation time and traffic conditions vary, but normally your order will arrive within 30-45 minutes of your order confirmation. We will give you an estimated delivery time when you order.

No Cancellations on Restaurant Orders or after Groceries have been purchased!
Because we are placing the orders and paying the restaurants and grocery stores ourselves, once your order is placed and confirmed by our Customer Service Representative, or your groceries have been purchased, the order is final and can not be cancelled!

Restaurant Delivery Fees
In Gillette Proper$3.99 delivery fee
5 - 12 mile radius of Gillette$5.50 delivery fee
12 - 20 mile radius of Gillette$9.50 delivey fee

Add 20% to all non-affiliated restaurants. If you would like to have a delivery from a restaurant that we are not affiliated with, please let us know and we will contact them about signing them up. If we sign up a restaurant you recommend we will give you one free delivery.

Grocery Membership Fees (only for Don's Supermarket)
Single delivery$10
2 deliveries a month$15/month
4 deliveries a month$28/month

DO NOT CALL THE RESTAURANT TO PLACE YOUR FOOD ORDER. We pride ourselves on bringing only the freshest food to you FAST, and to ensure the highest quality food arrives at your door. We only place your order with the restaurant when our drivers are in-route to the restaurant. This is how we ensure your food is hot, fresh and never sitting and waiting for a driver to arrive.

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